It has been a while ago since I worked in the city of Oświȩcim/Auschwitz. Once my director Tomek told me there will be a photographer here to see the city, the cemetery and the synagogue. Afterwards he’s going to make a workshop.

During this time I was the official photographer of the Auschwitz Jewish Center and so it was a pleasure for me to meet this guy.

His name was Saul Robbins.

I looked up his homepage and was shocked. “THIS is a photographer??” I thought – “which kind of pictures does he take?” There were several random pictures of hotel rooms and his wife. Some blurred ones and other stuff.

I closed the website asking myself what strange guy Tomek brought to here. During the whole day and night I thought about his pictures and why he was more successful than me.

On the next day I gave him another chance.

Pictures of gloves. Lying around in the streets.

Chairs and some equipment of psychologists.

“Stop that” – I almost got nuts seeing his pictures. The next two days I didn’t open the page to see more of this whatever he took pictures of.

After those two days I was just one day ahead of meeting him and opened the page again. I wanted to understand him.

Then the pictures of gestures. I really liked that ones.

Suddenly I recognized something.

This guy was the first (and until now only) photographer who made me think about his pictures for more than one day!

Not only for that – almost a whole week I was thinking about what he pictured. Nobody could accomplish that before. From this moment on I got an understanding for his work.

And liked it.

From that moment the idea was born to travel through the world to take pictures of people who are doing something with their hands.

So – this series will continue.

Series #1 – Halleluja Paul:

The hands of a priest who became very famous for his happiness and his songs. He lives very close to my hometown in the alps of Eastern Tyrol. His name is Halelluja Paul. When I met him the last time, he inspired me to take these pictures. Strange… some religious people have a strong ability for inspiring me…

Series #2 – Siem Reap Old Market:

These pictureswere taken during my day at Siem Reap Old Market. Although there is already a series about this market I tried to separate between these two series… Sometimes are the borders blurred but this is what makes it interesting…

 Series #3 – Other nice Stuff:

Some random pictures I took…

Ein Gedanke zu „Hands

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