The Art of fishing… needs time

After my arrival in Viet Nam I were invited to spend some time in a Cham Village.

It was about dawn when I got some time to walk around and make myself familiar with the environment. The area is in the Mekong Delta, close to the town Chao Doc. So most people live from fishing in the wide rivers of the Mekong.

Some children were playing around the bank but when I looked closer I recognized they weren’t „playing“… Well, they were, but in fact it was just practising the art of using the fishing net:

Especially two of them were pretty motivated:

I never used a fishnet before. But it seemed interesting to me what this fella in the blue T-shirt did…

Some of the boys of course just wanted to have some fun.. but seemed to enjoy it that there was a white guy who took some pictures. So especially the younger ones started to play a bit. The older ones were still focused on their nets.

The river brings the life to them and everyone who travels along the Mekong (preferable by boat) will see that also bring their lifes to the water…

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