And suddenly… Noodles

When I used to live in Poland I started to make my own noodles. Not because the Polish noodles were bad… no, they were pretty much the same like everywhere in Europe (globalisation rulez!) but for the sake of interest if there would be a difference.

Indeed. Even though I used a very simple recipe the tast was awesome and I kept on doing that.

As I reached SE-Asia I stopped more or less to cook on my own. For one Dollar you get a regular lunch and whatever you pay more won’t change that much. I guess for me as a single person it would be more expensive to cook.

In Phnom Penh I walked by a small noodle-restaurant with a pretty motivated cook. In front of us he started to make his own noodles.

I was impressed. He must have had done that for a hundred times to get trained like that. He swung the noodles through the air and just extended them or rolled them.

An American tourist tried his luck doing the same thing… and failed. I ordered what the real Maestro created for us and the taste was great. The price of 5$ per portion was not too cheap but it was worth it.

The next day I captured the whole process from starting just with doe…

Then the chef rocked and rolled it, squeezed it on his table and brought it to a new form of „life“.

I guess the trick behind all that… bringing in as much customers as possible is to use as much „air“ as he can. Throw them draw them and be an „eye-catcher“. But he impressed me.

It’s possible to recognize the process of the doe. How it starts as „just doe“ and becomes more smooth and cooperative. He just had to torture it a bit…

And in the moment it almost rolls itself its time for the big finalé!

It is done enough to form more and more strings… by forming them longer and more, they get thinner and thinner. You have to think twice about what happened… Suddenly… noodles!

I was impressed how fast he cooked them. When I made my own pasta it took much longer than the instant ones. But he? Here they were done within seconds!

The same thing with the chicken. Also he cooked the salad some seconds… Maybe due to a lack of healthy water to wash they just disinfect everything with the water for the next noodles.

In the end they put some more soup to it and – é voila! The meal is done…

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