A Phnom Penh Special

I really liked Phnom Penh. Cambodia brought me some troubles but the capital was completely different. Sometimes like France, sometimes like Israel and sometimes like Cambodia.

The guy at the reception of my hotel wasn’t really able to tell me what parts of the city would be interesting to see, so I just looked on the map and started to think on my own, letting the useless travel guide at home as well.

Phnom Penh at night

Phnom Penh at night

There is a stream bifurcation in Phnom Penh, where the mighty Mekong and the Tonle-Sap-River come together. And like always in such places you’ll get something like an island in the middle. One night I walked from the center of the city where my hotel was to the only bridge on the side of the Tonle-Sap-River which was pretty far away and almost took me one hour.

The island itself was strange. I wasn’t sure what people planned to accomplish here. In the beginning we had some nissen huts where a man made a fire for no reason, in the middle there were some discos and at the edge there were only things in construction.


After a while strolling around I climbed up a fence and was unsure if I should be here. The panorama to the inner city was amazing from here and as I landed onto the cold sand took this opportunity to do what for I’m here: Taking pictures.





A crazy investor set up a hotel there. I have no idea about its purpose. The city’s away about two hours walking distance! But nevermind…








It was a beautiful night. Unfortunately it was also my last night here…

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