A mountain without a name

Nha Trang is mostly famous for its beaches and night-life but as – I guess – only quite a few people know, the surroundings are impressive as well.


As I saw the first mountains, I knew where I had to go.


There wasn’t much time which had to pass until I got myself to one of those. It takes a little while to reach them but less due to the distance than the traffic in Nha Trang itself.


I felt in love with one in the moment it appeared in front of me. There was a small village called Khan San. The locals there didn’t know whether the mountain had a name or not. Maybe I was the first one ever who asked.


The first part went upon a rocky road with several bends and I passed a small house as well. But this was almost the end of the path. It didn’t take much way and time to reach the last point which could be accessed by a motorcycle.

This was the time the ascend began. First – just through the high grass. Nothing too difficult, just the increase was not so nice. There wasn’t something like a way so I was surprised as I recognized from the point I had to find my routes through the bushes… there was a route! Someone seemed to be here before and made it before I did.


It must be some months or weeks ago until the last one went into the same direction as I did, still I had to cut several branches. But it didn’t took a lot of time until I reached just a more or less plain area with grasses and some trees.


A Buddha statue in the distance...

A Buddha statue in the distance…steppe

The top was still in distance but the panorama was amazing. I had an overview from the submontane rice fields till the sea and the islands – on the other side were some other hills and a big statue of Buddha. I might go there anywhen.


I took some pictures and tried to catch the atmosphere.




Island in the far distance...

Island in the far distance…

Even though the raining season should be over already – there were loads of clouds. I was afraid there might be rain or even a thunderstorm but fortunately it kept more or less calm. Still… If I would have done that in Austria I’d had risked my life – a thunderstorm on a mountain can kill you.

But then I recognized a bird flying in the sky. A huge one, it might have been an eagle. A majestic animal going with the wind without moving its wings. I saw it as a good sign and kept on my way.

The climb wasn’t difficult. Unlike in Mui Ne the weather was cool so the trek didn’t affect me that much.



At its top the area was like in a dream. Windswept trees in a steppe full of grasses. In the background the sea, the clouds and the mountains of a even bigger chain. Their pinnacles hidden in the clouds, so I couldn’t estimate their height.

I did a short break. There wasn’t much time to get back, I was late already. Dawn might be in less than one hour.

Just… where was the way? There wasn’t anything such ways in that part of the mountain. I kept on trying to trace my steps back. With little success. I had no real idea where I was.

Due to the feared thunderstorm and the lack of bushes and trees I let my heavy scythe on one of the trees after the timber limit, so I could predict the way back and I won’t have to carry more than necessary. Now… I could have done an emergency ascend – but without a machete or something similar through the bushes? That wouldn’t be so nice.


_DSC0387_01_miniSuddenly I had an idea. I still had about half an hour left until I the darkness would have set. During heading to the top I took some pictures of the way. I could use those ones to get the right perspective for my way back. It was better than nothing, but it was no success. I could have estimated the angle of the way up from my memories but at least I had another way to check if I was right or not.

Aufstieg__DSC0229_miniAt the end I was just walking on a arête, trying to escape from darkness and the rain which started. It wasn’t the quality of the rain. Just thin drops. It was more the quantity. So many so little drops. My glasses were full of water and I had to clean them every ten minutes. The clock reached 6 o’clock. Due to the cloudy weather it was darker, but the light was able to spread longer, so suddenly I saw it. No doubt – my scythe!

This meant two things: First: I was back on my way. Second: I had my scythe back!

Fortunately the night wasn’t so dark and I could still see the way I had to go through the forest. Everything was wet but I was glad to be back on my way and safe in a few minutes.

The lights of the night already started to light up the surroundings. Everything was turned into a dark blue from the cold rain and the dark night.

Now I knew – I should have needed a spray or something similar to mark my steps every few hundred meters. I did quite well, going down and promised myself – I’ll buy some graffiti and I will use it.

I didn’t appreciate very much the rocky part of the road which had some small gullies which were bridged by wooden boards. At least they were bridged.

In the first shop I found I got myself a blue spray. Maybe if you start to go hiking, you will see my ways…


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