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Irgendwo in Israel, Juni 2010 (Wochenmario)

Ausnahmsweise halte ich meine wöchentliche Veröffentlichung auf Deutsch, da es hauptsächlich meine Freunde in der näheren Umgebung betrifft.

Also, gleich zu Anfang: Montag, der 27. Mai, um 19:30 im Kolpinghaus Lienz halte ich einen Vortrag über meine Zeit damals in Israel. Ich lade jeden, der Interesse daran hat herzlichst dazu ein, vorbeizuschauen.

Dazu passend das heutige Foto. Es ist irgendwann im Juni entstanden und ich möchte nicht allzu viel darüber verraten, jeder, der ein wenig Fantasie hat, darf sich selbst gerne Gedanken darüber machen und mir mitteilen 🙂


In diesem Sinne… Bis morgen und eine angenehme Woche!

Jeruday’s roofing (Wochenmario) – Mon 13 Sep 2010 01:31:44

There are two things in Jerusalem I really loved:

  1. Almost all houses have flat roofs
  2. They’re easy to access

There’s good and bad news as well:
The bad news: I had to move for about 8 times during 2 months (quite annoying and nasty).
The good news: There were quite a few roofs I could access 😀

So there was a time I used to live in Ein Karem District. It happened quite often I just strolled around and recognized some houses which were standing on a hill and I had a good view. During the night I went into that housing unit and climbed onto the roof. This was the first thing I saw.


Well, on the other side of the roof where I took pictures for half of the night, there was an awesome view. I watched people and cars passing by and enjoyed the cool wind of early September which chilled down the hot, wet air of late August…

But that picture looks less mainstream and is much cooler.

Israel, 2010 (Wochenmario)

In the end of spring/beginning of summer 2010 I went to Israel to fulfill one of my dreams: Working in a Kibbutz/Moshav. During those days I took a lot of pictures – which unfortunately just remained on my discs mostly. But I got asked to give a presentation and decided to tell about Israel on the 27th of May, 2012 in the Fotoclub Lienz.

By going through my pictures I found one which appeared nice to me. It was sent as a postcard to my grandfather.

This picture shows me on my first days in Beer Milka, working on a field for bitter-melon. First I had to free it from weeds, then mix the sand with compost, so more nutrients get into it and last, but not least placing the seed.



Do you even grow???

As I published this picture on Facebook a good friend of mine (Hey Sabet, Kisses to Vietnam!!) asked a legitimate Question:

That looks like a desert, how can seeds grow up? ? ? 😀

Honestly: Before I came to Israel even I wasn’t sure what to grow in the Desert. On my first day I the farmer Golan told us to plant trees. From that moment on I knew: Israelis are crazy. They plant trees in the desert…

During the next months I learned: They are crazy, but somehow they know what they do. Almost all of the plants grew as I would have expected it from plants in a „regular“ environment (Well, the Melissa didn’t do so well).

After some weeks I saw that wasn’t even everything: There was one plant, called Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Which has toxic leaves and fruits but a root with extraordinary active components. Grew even better than regular.
(A picture of me, cutting it)

Why? Well, because the water was salty (close to the farm was a salty source). Boom!

All those plants grew:

  1. In the desert
  2. With salty water

Mind: Blown…

It sounds kitschy, I know, but the Desert is full of life.





Da Nang is really boring (Wochenmario) 31.1.2013

One of the biggest and most important – and yet mostly unknown cities of Viet Nam is Da Nang. I’ve stayed a couple of days and can’t tell there’s really something worth to see there… Due to I had a lot of time I got the idea to solve a question: From my hotel I could see on the mountains around the city were some houses which looked a bit like observatories:


Well – this picture is not really interesting, I just wanted to show you what I saw, and why I asked myself to find out for which purpose they existed. Anyway – I met some annoying mototaxi drivers who wanted to take me there but I refused and walked on. I met some Vietnamese hobby photographers who told me I were unable to reach those houses today. My answer was something like:“Well, I guess, you are unable to reach them“ and kept on walking, behind me some people who didn’t know what to answer an obviously crazy European.

After three hours of walking along through a road through the jungle, I reached them. Still during daytime.

And… Well, they were in a military area I wasn’t allowed to enter. In front of a turnpike was a tired Vietnamese soldier who couldn’t speak English at all. Just showed me I may not enter.  But I guess those houses were RADAR-Stations or something similar. So I took a couple of pictures and went back… I reached my hotel when it was already dark… (Not so surprising, the sun sets every day at about 6pm).

So – that’s the result:



Persistenz/Persistence (Wochenmario)

There’s always one thing in publishing Articles. You need several things:

  1. Creativity
  2. Time
  3. An interesting topic
  4. Motivation

Creativity and Time is mostly always there. Usually my life is pretty interesting, but there’s the problem of motivation.

I love taking photos but I like to practice photography one part of my time and the other one I prefer doing technical stuff like software engineering.

Both of them help me to get my mind free of the other one.

But meanwhile a couple of time of not publishing anything passed, so I have another idea. Every week (and I’m really doing that) I’m publishing one of my pictures with a short story about it. So this page will grow by time.

We start with the first one:

Friday, 18th of January 2013  14:59:57, Lak, Viet Nam

This picture was taken during my journey to Lak Lake in Viet Nam. I had no idea about this place. Neither what to see, nor where to stay. After doing some walking I found a hotel which gave me the conditions I asked for. As I gave them my passport I saw they had a German one and asked for the owner. So I knocked at his door and met him. He was one of the only Germans I’ve met in Viet Nam and missed talking in my mother tongue.

So we went for a coffee and talked for the whole afternoon. Sometimes you just need something like „home“. In this coffee house they stored at the backyard some prepared coffees and I liked how it looked like. So thats the image…