Persistenz/Persistence (Wochenmario)

There’s always one thing in publishing Articles. You need several things:

  1. Creativity
  2. Time
  3. An interesting topic
  4. Motivation

Creativity and Time is mostly always there. Usually my life is pretty interesting, but there’s the problem of motivation.

I love taking photos but I like to practice photography one part of my time and the other one I prefer doing technical stuff like software engineering.

Both of them help me to get my mind free of the other one.

But meanwhile a couple of time of not publishing anything passed, so I have another idea. Every week (and I’m really doing that) I’m publishing one of my pictures with a short story about it. So this page will grow by time.

We start with the first one:

Friday, 18th of January 2013  14:59:57, Lak, Viet Nam

This picture was taken during my journey to Lak Lake in Viet Nam. I had no idea about this place. Neither what to see, nor where to stay. After doing some walking I found a hotel which gave me the conditions I asked for. As I gave them my passport I saw they had a German one and asked for the owner. So I knocked at his door and met him. He was one of the only Germans I’ve met in Viet Nam and missed talking in my mother tongue.

So we went for a coffee and talked for the whole afternoon. Sometimes you just need something like „home“. In this coffee house they stored at the backyard some prepared coffees and I liked how it looked like. So thats the image…

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