Da Nang is really boring (Wochenmario) 31.1.2013

One of the biggest and most important – and yet mostly unknown cities of Viet Nam is Da Nang. I’ve stayed a couple of days and can’t tell there’s really something worth to see there… Due to I had a lot of time I got the idea to solve a question: From my hotel I could see on the mountains around the city were some houses which looked a bit like observatories:


Well – this picture is not really interesting, I just wanted to show you what I saw, and why I asked myself to find out for which purpose they existed. Anyway – I met some annoying mototaxi drivers who wanted to take me there but I refused and walked on. I met some Vietnamese hobby photographers who told me I were unable to reach those houses today. My answer was something like:“Well, I guess, you are unable to reach them“ and kept on walking, behind me some people who didn’t know what to answer an obviously crazy European.

After three hours of walking along through a road through the jungle, I reached them. Still during daytime.

And… Well, they were in a military area I wasn’t allowed to enter. In front of a turnpike was a tired Vietnamese soldier who couldn’t speak English at all. Just showed me I may not enter.  But I guess those houses were RADAR-Stations or something similar. So I took a couple of pictures and went back… I reached my hotel when it was already dark… (Not so surprising, the sun sets every day at about 6pm).

So – that’s the result:



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