Israel, 2010 (Wochenmario)

In the end of spring/beginning of summer 2010 I went to Israel to fulfill one of my dreams: Working in a Kibbutz/Moshav. During those days I took a lot of pictures – which unfortunately just remained on my discs mostly. But I got asked to give a presentation and decided to tell about Israel on the 27th of May, 2012 in the Fotoclub Lienz.

By going through my pictures I found one which appeared nice to me. It was sent as a postcard to my grandfather.

This picture shows me on my first days in Beer Milka, working on a field for bitter-melon. First I had to free it from weeds, then mix the sand with compost, so more nutrients get into it and last, but not least placing the seed.



Do you even grow???

As I published this picture on Facebook a good friend of mine (Hey Sabet, Kisses to Vietnam!!) asked a legitimate Question:

That looks like a desert, how can seeds grow up? ? ? 😀

Honestly: Before I came to Israel even I wasn’t sure what to grow in the Desert. On my first day I the farmer Golan told us to plant trees. From that moment on I knew: Israelis are crazy. They plant trees in the desert…

During the next months I learned: They are crazy, but somehow they know what they do. Almost all of the plants grew as I would have expected it from plants in a „regular“ environment (Well, the Melissa didn’t do so well).

After some weeks I saw that wasn’t even everything: There was one plant, called Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Which has toxic leaves and fruits but a root with extraordinary active components. Grew even better than regular.
(A picture of me, cutting it)

Why? Well, because the water was salty (close to the farm was a salty source). Boom!

All those plants grew:

  1. In the desert
  2. With salty water

Mind: Blown…

It sounds kitschy, I know, but the Desert is full of life.





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