Jeruday’s roofing (Wochenmario) – Mon 13 Sep 2010 01:31:44

There are two things in Jerusalem I really loved:

  1. Almost all houses have flat roofs
  2. They’re easy to access

There’s good and bad news as well:
The bad news: I had to move for about 8 times during 2 months (quite annoying and nasty).
The good news: There were quite a few roofs I could access 😀

So there was a time I used to live in Ein Karem District. It happened quite often I just strolled around and recognized some houses which were standing on a hill and I had a good view. During the night I went into that housing unit and climbed onto the roof. This was the first thing I saw.


Well, on the other side of the roof where I took pictures for half of the night, there was an awesome view. I watched people and cars passing by and enjoyed the cool wind of early September which chilled down the hot, wet air of late August…

But that picture looks less mainstream and is much cooler.

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