19.09.2010 – Dead Sea border (Wochenmario)

It’s kinda weird. Usually I don’t dream very often. But during the last days and weeks I have dreams almost every night. But strangely not my regular dreams with a lot of strange and fantastic things happening. No, just short, but beautiful ones.

Today for example I dreamed I’m back in Israel. First I got nervous and asked myself „Oh my god, how do I get back now, there’s job which has to be done!“

But then I just relaxed… I couldn’t remember how I got there (haha, it’s a dream!) but it seemed to have worked well from the moment I „arrived“, so why should it change now?

After my work is done I can leave to Jordan… where I’d really really really want to go somewhen and later on to Iraqi Kurdistan, without depending on a plane – and I’m in the Caucasus, where I’d like to go. Everything’s fine.

But well, there was a Problem. I woke up… Kinda annoying. So, in remembrance of my last time seeing Jordan here’s a picture, taken at the Dead Sea in September 2010. The Dead Sea is consists of one Israeli and one Jordan part. The border is somewhere in the middle.

If you want… Maybe you could take a light boat or something and just cross it. But I wouldn’t recommend that. The Dead Sea is so salty, it’s not so much fun if you have to swim for a long distance. Those days I swum quite a few meters inside and got one (!) water drop into my eyes. Even my tears couldn’t dilute this strong mixture. The seconds before I reached the shore to use my drinking water I thought I’d be blind…


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