Polish Love Story

My days in Angerburg/Węgorzewo were over. On my last full one I wanted to see the Wolfsschanze which was just a couple kilometers away.

After I finished the tour I decided to get a bit nostalgic and chose a different way home. Instead of driving directly I wanted to translate the lakes by the bridge between the upstream lakes of Mauer lake and Dargin lake (J. Mamry and J. Dargin). Some days before I had something like a little adventure there…

I stopped my car after the bridge and walked a hundred meters by feet. I saw another driver stopping directly on the bridge, blocking one lane and I got a bit pitted of that. Well. Everyone may take photos, but at least people should try not to use other people’s space for their own comfort.

He opened the cowl of his car and didn’t seem to know what to look for.  I asked in Polish:

„Czy wszystko Oczywiście?“ He didn’t understand it correct and I tried to say it again. No chance. As a non-Pole, try to say: (As it may sound in English letters): „Tchy wshystko otchywishtchye“. I failed and asked in plain English if I could help. Yeah, he was fine.

First I wanted to get Dargin Lake and placed my camera to do a nice shot.

Lake Dargin

Lake Dargin

As I wanted to cross the street to the North, to Mauer Lake he asked me if I might take a photo of them. A bit grudging I agreed and his girlfriend left the car as well.

It was raining, I stood in front of them and waited until both smiled into the camera like always.

Nope. Not this time.

He opened his jacket… And put out a small, black box.




This guy just proposed to her. I was completely perplex and kept on shooting pictures.

How girls react after a proposal

How girls react after a proposal

It appeared to me, she said „yes“.

After a proposal...

After a proposal…

How to ring someone...

How to ring someone…

It was just weird. I had no idea what was going on and just took photos. We exchanged addresses and I wanted to wish them something, but I couldn’t think of any Polish in that moment…

I just said „Massel Tov!“, grining like a Cheshire cat… Feeling, like I was proposed… Waving goodbye as they disappeared in the rainy, Polish night of Ermland…



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