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Lomo 13/14

Kürzlich habe ich über eine neue Fotoserie nachgedacht wobei mir eingefallen ist dass es wohl auch in meinem Archiv noch genug Schätze gibt die bisher nicht gesichtet wurden.

Einige davon hatte ich vor gut einem Jahr zwar auf den Server geladen aber nie veröffentlicht. Sehr schade eigentlich, es befanden sich darunter einige ausgesprochen interessante Werke.

Eine Reise von Osttirol nach Polen und über Ungarn auf den Balkan – nach Ex-Jugoslawien bis zur albanischen Grenze.

Gül Baba

DSC0552_01_miniWalking along the Turk’s Street… Remembering I’ve been here years before. I turn around and see a bumpy narrow street going up. The last time is so long ago, then it was winter, now it is summer and the hot sun makes me think I might be somewhere on the Balkan. I’m almost there, on my left-hand-side is Gül Baba Street.DSC0553_mini

I put of my sandals and run, I don’t care about the angle of the way, I don’t care about the blocks, heading out from the ground, jumping like an ibex from stone to stone.

I’m there. Arcades of this monument are above me.

I don’t sweat but I gasp. The angle was pretty high – I rather finish such ways quick than suffer.


The statue is still watching the people. He has a long kaftan, an abdominal belt like me, a scroll in DSC0567_01_minihis hands and on his turban his hallmark: A Rose. This is Gül Baba – “Father Rose” or Gül Dede “Derwish Rose”. In the garden inside the walls beneath his statue is his octagon-shaped tomb with the golden crescent of Islam on the top. I’m in front of the northernmost place of pilgrimage of Islam.


I am in Budapest.

Gül Baba came in the middle of the 16th century with Suleiman the Magnificent to Budapest. It is told he brought the cultivated roses to Hungary and was famous for preaching tolerance.


During I was inside the tomb I recognized a group of four people, darker skin, doing their praying around the Cenotaph of the holy Derwish. Outside again we were talking about this monk, what he did but they didn’t know more than I’ve read already. But they came from Pakistan and said his importance was similar to Hafez or Rumi.

Inside the tomb it scents of roses and it appears to be in a different dimension than the rest of Budapest. So peaceful, so quiet. As I went out at 5pm they closed the door behind me. While I left I could see all the roses in the garden which weren’t visible as I was there the last time.

The day became evening and as it is in summer you more have the feeling, the day would never end…