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Mondfinsternis (Wien 2015)/Blood Moon Vienna


_MJS0015Such phenomena happen unfortunately quite rarely and you have to be during the right time in the right places, but sometimes sun or moon tend to disappear.

After flying from Bishkek back to Vienna like _MJS0018a hit-and-run attack I was somehow lucky enough to be here during 2015’s full lunar eclipse with super moon. Not something you’d see every day… In Central Asia it would have not been visible…

_MJS0025I was happy the public Urania City observatory ( set up a cool program with an amazingly interesting set up lecture about the moon. (Also gulash and coffee – nice people doing an awesome job!)

On arrival at midnight the weather conditions didn’t seem to be extraordinary. We had many clouds, little wind and and the temperatures chilled down like already November.
Yet after the lecture the clouds started to break, at around 2am the dark sky of the night outsized the covered areas and my hope grew by the amount of sky appearing.


_MJS0059_MJS0072Starting from around 3am the moon got darker, receiving a nice black cap. By over-exposing the pictures it even turned somehow red soon.
Time passed and the red colour became more intense – about in the same speed like the folks muttered about the unreal scenery.




_MJS0101According to our expert the moon should have grown in size due to „atmospheric phenomena“ by around 20%. I can’t say I’ve seen it… So I took two photos: One at 3:19 when everything was about to start (yet not „officially“ at 3:22) and another one at 4:49 (when its peak should have been reached).
Same conditions – yet no difference in size… Maybe I’ll try it again tonight…


_MJS0126It was an amazing event, you rarely see the atmosphere of our planet truing our satellite in such an eerie yet amazing colour.

A few minutes after this peak was over clouds started to cover the sky again. Impossible how lucky we were. The view was free. Strange. A few minutes later and nothing would have been seen…

_MJS0155-1Usually I’d write this article some when in the evening but I assume I had slightly a bit too much coffee, so I take my „useless“ energy and write a short line about my love of photography.
Since I got my first camera some when in 2006 I constantly tried to improve until one beautiful day which made me decide not to let the camera at home even though I’m heading to work.

Many things happened since than. My cameras improved, my skills improved – and today I can gratefully say I’m appreciated… Maybe not in the ways I expected it, but still 😉

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