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Navroz in Xiva

For several years now I have the wish to celebrate Navruz in the Region of Chorezm.

You never know how life will be and somehow one thing lead to another, me ending up in the city of Xiva. Ancient empire of Chorezm, nowadays Uzbekistan close to Türkmenistan.

During Soviet times these areas were apparently difficult to reach for westerners, now years after the independence of the new Central Asian states it’s getting easier.

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What impressed me the most until now is the extraordinary hospitality people share in these regions. Even here in Xiva – one of the cities with the most tourists you’ll be invited by strangers on the street often.

And as impressive it was how friendly foreigners are tread.

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Today several schools set up benches with food and invited me staying with them, talking in German and English.

They were proud of having a foreigner with them. We took pictures and they kept feeding me all variants of Uzbek specialities.

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Uzbeks are proud of their culture which includes food and inviting foreigners.

Traditions which I often miss in Austria…

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